BOOK REVIEW: Disney Frozen Publications

Disney Frozen Read-Along Storybook and CD
Frozen books 004
Narrator: Nolan North
Binding: Soft Cover w/CD
Pages: 32 Hi-gloss
ISBN: 978-14231-7064-8
Publisher: Disney Press
Price: $6.99 US / $7.99 CAN
Review: I’ve always enjoyed these read-along books! As is the norm, this edition has both voices and sound effects to really engage your pre-school children. The story is a very condensed version of the movie but manages to hit the highlights. The illustrations are gorgeous and accredited to the Disney Storybook Artists.
Mr. Nolan does a fine job of keeping the narration light and fun. This will make a nice companion to the movie which you can revisit time and again with your children.
Rating: I’d give it a 4 out of 5 stars. The only reason I don’t rate this title higher is that it doesn’t contain original material.
Disney Frozen A Tale of Two Sisters
Step into Reading – Step 2
Frozen books 002
Author: Melissa Lagonegro
Binding: Soft Cover
Pages: 32 Flat-matt
ISBN: 978-0-7364-3120-0
Publisher: Random House Children’s Books
Price: $3.99 US / $4.99 CAN
Review: This book is aimed at pre-school and Grade 1 children with a basic vocabulary who read short sentences and simple stories. These children recognize familiar words and sound out new words with help. As an example of the writing, page 18 says: They meet Olaf. He is a nice snowman. He leads them to Elsa.
The artwork is very similar to the previous book reviewed in this post but looks less vibrant due to the matt finish of the pages.
Rating: I’d give it a 4 out of 5 stars. Again, I don’t rate this title higher because it doesn’t contain original material. But it is ideal for encouraging children to read for themselves.
Disney Frozen
The Junior Novelization
Frozen books 001
Adapted by: Sarah Nathan and Sela Roman
Binding: Soft Cover
Pages: 123
ISBN: 978-0-7364-3118-7
Publisher: Random House Children’s Books
Price: $4.99 US / $5.99 CAN
Review: Lastly we have a book for your Tween. This is a surprisingly thorough coverage of the movie written in a style that adults can also enjoy. I really enjoyed reading it even though I’m well past the Tween stage of life! It also includes 8 pages of full-color artwork/screen captures from the movie.
Rating: Because this book really invoked the spirit, fun, and heart of the movie, I’m giving it 4.5 stars out of 5.
So if you’re a big fan of Disney’s blockbuster movie Frozen (and not many people aren’t) than any of these publications will delight you. And it’s nice to see a version for every age group.
I’d like to thank Disney Worldwide Publishing for providing these review copies
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