Br’er Chicken on Splash Mountain

Uncle Remus didn’t tell too many stories about ol’ Br’er Chicken, but I know he exists. There is evidence aplenty of his cowardly inclination in the Splash Mountain queue at Walt Disney World.

Have you seen it? Well, I declare, sit right back and let me show y’all:

Magic 45 +  Magic 48 +

OK, not too scary yet… get a little wet…

Magic 49 +

“You may EXIT here”

Now we’re starting to see some real evidence that Br’er Chicken always needs, and has, a way out! Especially when the drop is fifty feet and the ride warnings include the word ‘sudden’. But wait, there’s one more piece of evidence:

Magic 59 +

Last Chance???

OK, Br’er Chicken is out of here! But just what is he so afraid of? Could it be a little of this:

Magic 64 +

I think it’s a lot of that!

So ol’ Br’er Chicken has left the Brier Patch and headed for tamer free-ranges, but we humans just don’t seem to recognize a good warning when we see one: Fifty Foot Plunge. Sudden Drops. Wet… Bring it on!

Zippidy Doo Da

Zippidy A

My oh my, it’s time to play

now Br’er Chicken’s out-of-the-way!

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  1. Love your post! and love Splash Mountain que! 🙂

    • disneynouns says:

      I’m asking everyone what Br’er they are on Splash Mountain: Br’er Chicken/Br’er Lion or some other Br’er. What best describes you? Thanks for commenting Maureen.

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