McDonald’s Ethnic Disney Dolls

Who remembers when Disney and McDonalds was getting along? That merchandising arrangement brought us some awesome Happy Meal toys! The ones I’m going to share with you today are fairly common and can be found in yard sales and stores selling used toys and collectibles.

McD Toys Set Mickey  B boy +     McD Toys Set Minnie B girl +

African-American versions

McD Toys Set Mickey  W boy +     McD Toys Set Minnie W girl +

Caucasian versions

At first I thought it was nice and appropriate that Disney/McDonalds offered both skin colors until I noticed something: The faces are the same on both male dolls and both female dolls. All they did was take the Caucasian dolls and paint them brown, paint the eyes darker, and swap out the wig to create the African-American dolls.

So kudos for trying to add ethnic diversity to the toy line-up, but a fail for the execution!

And while I’m being critical, where’s the Asian and Hispanic versions? First Nations? East Indian? Or the most exotic of all: Canadian? I guess we’ll just have to call this a good start and hope for more diversity later!

Do you think Disney is doing enough to represent the peoples of the world?

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