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Use Themed Napkins to Wipe That Disney Off Your Face!

It’s happened to us all: You’ve just finished a delicious meal at a great restaurant. You’ve enjoyed the atmosphere and the company of good friends. But now it’s time to get up from the table and hit the rides again. … Continue reading

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Disney Princess Plush Dolls

I found these three Princesses at a charity discount store:      I think Jasmine must have convinced them to mingle with the common folk…      Snow White and Belle For a young girl who is prone to run into scary-looking … Continue reading

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Disney Pizza Box from Walt Disney World

Is it just me, or does pizza just taste better at Disney? Now I’ll admit the little pizzas you get at the counter service restaurants aren’t the best, especially for the price! But if you’re lounging around the room and … Continue reading

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Would Walt Disney Approve of Modern Disney?

I don’t really know how many times I’ve heard a Disney employee say: “I think Walt would have liked this (or that)!” But I think it’s safe to say that it happens often. A new Promotion comes along, and it’s … Continue reading

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Vacationing in Florida Without Disney

There’s more to Florida than Walt Disney World. There, I said it. The last visit we took in January yielded an opportunity to really explore the State and see its many attractions and natural beauty. We visited museums, beaches, stores, and … Continue reading

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Disney Rings – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Anything with a Disney twist is fair game for me when it comes to my Disneyana collection. So I’ve added quite a few pieces of jewellery to it over the years. Today I’d like to share with you some of … Continue reading

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Is Disney Becoming too PC?

It is interesting to me that by even asking that question, I may not be Politically Correct! To wonder if anyone has taken this non-offense initiative too far is to invite criticism. So when is being Politically Correct really too … Continue reading

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Top Ten Things to Do at WDW to Feel Like a Kid Again

So we’ve all gone to Walt Disney World and done all of the E Ticket rides and attractions. We’ve thrilled to Space Mountain and Soarin. We’ve viewed all of the great Live Shows like Beauty and the Beast and Fantasmic. … Continue reading

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How to Draw Goofy in 15 Easy Steps

I bought a folder that said ‘Art of Animation’ and was delighted to find this model sheet inside showing how to draw my favorite anamorphic dog, Goofy: Heyuck! I also found these two sheets of Fun Facts about animation and … Continue reading

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Disney Salt and Pepper Shakers

Collecting salt and pepper shakers is almost a right of passage for any serious collector. Whether your passion is Elvis, ketchup, or kittens, likely you have a salt and pepper set depicting that passion! Hello. My name is Lee. I … Continue reading

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