Up Close and Personal with a Disney Duck


Up close and personal

True Story: I was sitting on a bench in Epcot waiting for Karen. For something to do I decided to look through the pictures I had taken with my digital camera. When I moved from one picture to another my camera would emit a ‘beep’ sound. After awhile I felt like I was being watched, and looking down, I saw this Disney duck!

I assume it was curious about the ‘beep’ sounds. Soon I had a crowd around me taking pictures of me interacting with the duck! Then a kid came screaming over and it ran away. So I, and the crowd, went back to what we were doing.

Soon, I was face to face with my fowl friend again. Another crowd formed and we were again part of the streetmosphere!

I have yet to receive payment from Disney for entertaining the crowds.

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  1. cute!.. gotta love those screaming kids 😉

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