Top 5 Things That Should be Added to Disney World

You’ve heard of the Bucket List. You’ve heard of a Wish List. Well, now get ready for the Disney version of both! Here is the top five things I would like to see added to Walt Disney World (and Disneyland too!) before my next visit:

Bring It On No. 5: Marvel Characters

Unfortunately, Universal Studios has this entire stable of Marvel superheroes under an exclusive contract for now. But I just feel that Disney could do them so much better! Universal Studios theming doesn’t quite match the Mouse, and this is no more evident than with its costumed characters. I mean please, Universal has Wolverine and the W-men driving around on ATV’s!

Cap America Key Chain 001

Universal has spruced up the costumes themselves, but they still don’t showcase the characters in true meet-and-greet glory a la Disney! Yet, I’m a bit conflicted about seeing Spiderman next to Goofy in the Parks, so that’s why this item is number five.

Bring It On No. 4: Better Night Entertainment

Ever since Pleasure Island closed, nightlife at WDW has been a little slim. Now, I’m not much into the all-night party, but I think Disney should have replaced the clubs and concerts with something else. After all, just because we like Mickey’s squeaky-clean image doesn’t mean we still don’t want to have fun!

Bring It On No. 3: Disney Movies in Resort Rooms

Have you ever been stuck in your room at a Disney Resort? Maybe one of your children needed a break, or someone was sick? This happened to me once, and let me tell you, what was on the TV got pretty boring after a very short time! And you can only watch the Parks info channel for so long!

Media Aladdin DVD Gift Set +

Why should I have to bring my own? And play it on my laptop??

Having Disney movies in the rooms, even if they were pay-per-view, would be a nice option in an entertainment pinch. DVD players in all rooms, even Value, would be appreciated.

Bring It On No. 2: More Thrill Rides

The only way that Disney pales in comparison to other Parks is in the thrill ride department. Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, Six Flags and others, do seem to make mean roller coasters! I much prefer the over-the-top theming of the Disney Parks to just a cheep thrill, but I can see the attraction of a wicked thrill ride!


I still say Disney could up the ante by adding an Incredibles dueling coaster. Who’s with me?

Bring It On No. 1: Interactive Guest Events

I say this, and put it into the number one spot, without really knowing what I want! I enjoy the interaction of online Disney groups, such as those found on Facebook and other social media sites. And you always hear of ones planning to meet up at the Parks.

But what is there to do when there that would still keep you together? Perhaps more attractions that required multiple users to work together (such as in EPCOT). Or maybe having a lounge where Disney fans could just drop in to see whose around? I just don’t know. But it seems like a good idea.

What would you suggest? And don’t be shy! If you have your own item for the Disney Wish List, share it with us in the comments section. Perhaps Mickey will read it and it’ll become a reality during your next Disney vacation!

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5 Responses to Top 5 Things That Should be Added to Disney World

  1. imagineer801 says:

    I know that at the value resorts Disney does do a movie showing each night. I think they have two choices that people vote for and then they show that movie that night. It’s pretty cool, I’d like to do that someday.

    I DEFINITELY agree with you on the thrill rides aspect. You can only ride Rockin Roller Coaster so many times! Disney really needs to step it up!

    • disneynouns says:

      We voted once but we lost! lol, oh well. It is a fun idea though. And I’ll never stop hoping for my dueling coaster!

      • imagineer801 says:

        I think there was an idea for a dueling coaster at Imagineering but then somehow those Imagineers were fired but went to Universal and gave them the idea, and that became the Dueling Dragons coaster that I think is closed now.

  2. BTW07 says:

    Disney movies in Disney resorts is a great idea! I’d also add old school Disney TV shows, like “DuckTales,” “Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers,” etc. Actually, they should do that now, lol!

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