Pixar ‘Toy Story’ Honey Graham Cookies

A glass of milk and a plate full of cookies. It may not be tummy paradise, but it’s pretty close! I’m always on the lookout for a Disney treat, so when I saw these, I bought them immediately:

Kitchen Toy Story Cookies 1 +  Kitchen Toy Story Cookies 10 +

I didn’t eat the sticker

However, I did eat every one of the Honey Graham Cookies in the shape of my favorite characters from Toy Story 2. It’s unfortunate that Disney rarely provides a gluten-free product, but at least this one is peanut-free.

And now to have a look at the cookies, pre-eating:

Kitchen Toy Story Cookies 2 + Kitchen Toy Story Cookies 3 +

Kitchen Toy Story Cookies 4 + Kitchen Toy Story Cookies 5 +

Hamm didn’t taste like bacon. A missed opportunity there, I think.

Kitchen Toy Story Cookies 6 + Kitchen Toy Story Cookies 7 +

That’s Bullseye on the right. A bit hard to tell.

Kitchen Toy Story Cookies 8 + Kitchen Toy Story Cookies 9 +

So do Disney snacks like this make it into your shopping cart, or do you have more self-control than me? In all honesty, they were tasty!

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