Disney Salt and Pepper Shakers

Collecting salt and pepper shakers is almost a right of passage for any serious collector. Whether your passion is Elvis, ketchup, or kittens, likely you have a salt and pepper set depicting that passion!

Hello. My name is Lee. I like Disney. I have it on a salt and pepper shaker:

Kitchen Salt & Pepper Shakers +

I love finding duplicate merchandise

Kitchen Chef Mickey S and P + Kitchen DL S&P +

Different themes but the same shape

Kitchen Salt and Pepper Ears +

Hidden Mickey shakers with a story about Mickey visiting Walt Disney World

My oldest set     Kitchen Dumbo SandP +     Dumbo/Dumbo

Blue for salt and red for pepper

This last set is the most expensive (still only about $20.00- $50.00) and the oldest in my collection. You can also find Donald Duck versions and several other Disney characters from this manufacturer. Oh, and they even have:

Mickey     Kitchen  Leeds S&P +     Minnie

So if you want to add a little spice to your Disneyana collection, consider one of these adorable sets of shakers!

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