Disney Rings – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Anything with a Disney twist is fair game for me when it comes to my Disneyana collection. So I’ve added quite a few pieces of jewellery to it over the years.

Today I’d like to share with you some of the rings I have:

Jewellery Ring Mickey 1+ Jewellery Ring Mickey 2+

Jewellery Ring Mickey 3 +

Vending Machine rings from the 60-70’s

These rings are among my favorites, even though they were very cheap items for purchase back when they were available. The ring on the upper left turns my finger green so I mainly wear the one on the right (actually, I’m wearing it as I type this).

These rings feature a one-size-fits-all expandable band, as does the vintage ring below:

Minnie Mouse     Jewellery Minnie Ring +     Classic

What can I say about this one? I bought it even though it looks freaky! I just couldn’t believe this was sold, but had to have it anyway. Love those googly eyes!

Next I have a novelty ring from off-shore:

Jewellery Mascot Pooh +

Winnie the Pooh Mascot Ring

Quite a few of these off-shore products are unlicensed, but when I saw this on eBay years ago, I couldn’t resist it! I’ve never taken it out of the original packaging.

Following the off-shore and novelty theme:

Jewellery Watches Finger Rings +

Nine unlicensed and One licensed Finger Watches

The Winnie the Pooh Timex finger watch came with authenticity papers and I had to pay close to $30 US for it, whereas the knockoffs only cost 99 cents each, sometimes this included shipping! I don’t think I have all of the variations.

My last offering is more in line with what you might want to get for your little Princess:

Jewellery Princess Ring 1 + Jewellery Princess Ring 2 +

24-carat plastic

And that completes our look at my ring collection. Which was your favorite?

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