Use Themed Napkins to Wipe That Disney Off Your Face!

It’s happened to us all: You’ve just finished a delicious meal at a great restaurant. You’ve enjoyed the atmosphere and the company of good friends. But now it’s time to get up from the table and hit the rides again. But wait! What’s that on your chin? Why, it’s a piece of Disney!

Yes, you sloppy you, you! First, you need to wipe that off. Well, fortunately, Disney has a napkin for that:

Media Napkin Celebrate +     Media Napkin WDW 1 +     Almost too pretty to mess up!

For when you can’t remember which restaurant you’re in     Media Napkin WDW 4 +

Media Napkin WDW 5 +     Media Napkin WDW 6 +

Media Napkin Celebrate Park +     Media Napkin WDW 3 +

Media Napkin WDW 2 +

Don’t forget to save a few for souvenirs!

OK, I know I said it was time to get back to the rides, but first, why not stop for just one more edible delight:

Hollywood 30 +     And… it comes with another napkin!

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