Top 5 Streetmosphere Acts at Walt Disney World

Some theme parks may have better roller coasters. Some theme parks may have your favorite non-Disney animated characters. Some theme parks may even have tastier food. But no theme park in the world has better Streetmosphere than Walt Disney World!


And to prove it, here is my short list of the Top Five Streetmosphere Acts:

5. Walt Disney World Band


Which band? Any band, from the full marching kind, to any of the trios or quartets that strut their stuff and play their music. The best part of these performances is that they tend to be spontaneous! The fun part is being surprised by them when they appear.

4. World Showcase Players

 EPCOT 107 +

Fortunately, these players do hold to a schedule, so you should be able to plan to see them during your next trip. When you pick up your Park Map at the entrance, just ask for a performance schedule. The UK, China, and France Pavilions have all had excellent shows. And most of the other Pavilions have cultural music or crafts to round out the experience.

3. DHS Streetmosphere Actors

 Vacation 44

As good as the EPCOT Streetmosphere is, I feel that no Park does it as well as Disney’s Hollywood Studios! Maybe it’s because of the sheer number of different characters and skits that are offered. You may find yourself auditioning for a movie, being a contestant in a dating game, or simply accosted by any number of weird and wonderful oddballs! And be warned: These wacky ‘people’ just love to drag unsuspecting spectators into the ‘act’! But then again, that’s the fun of it.

2. De Vine

Take a stroll through the passages of Disney’s Animal Kingdom and you just may catch a glimpse of something strange and magical. She’s somewhat shy, but comes out of the foliage when the mood strikes her. Towering over the guests, she walks, but never talks. Her graceful movements (all done while on stilts) will move you to awe! If you’ve seen her come to life, you are among the lucky few.

1. Dapper Dans


I make no apologies for placing the Dapper Dans in the top spot, as I am a rabid fan. I love music from all eras, but the Barbershop Quartet configuration of singers is one of the best, and is not to be missed! These colorful straw-hatted men never fail to entertain as they interact with the crowds (especially the children) while they sing period specific tunes along with select Disney classics. And if you visit at the right time of year, you just may see the Dagger Dans or the Cadaver Dans (depending on which Park you visit), an eerie variation that is simply spooktacular!

You can visit a great website called and enjoy a tribute to this awesome institution!

So there you have my Top Five Streetmosphere Acts from Walt Disney World. But don’t let me get away with leaving out one of your favorites! Set me straight in the comment section and let everyone know what to look out for during his or her next trip to The Vacation Kingdom!

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  1. Excellent list, Lee, and you’re so right – Disney definitely takes the top for entertainment in the parks! Love it!

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