Pictures Throughout the Disneyland Hotel

Karen and I have only been to Disneyland once and we stayed at a Good Neighbor Hotel. We couldn’t swing the cost of staying on-property but don’t regret our choice of the Howard Johnson across from the Park.

HoJo 1

That being said, it would have been awesome to stay in the first true Disney Hotel! (But not owned by Disney when it opened in the 50’s)

DLH 1 +     DLH 3 +

Someday, we may stay…

During our visit to Disneyland though we felt it wouldn’t be complete unless we at least toured the Disneyland Hotel. It has a lot to offer, but what we really enjoyed was the artwork on the walls. So here are some of our favorite ones:

DLH 20


DLH 50

The combination of concept art and stylized renderings of favorite rides and attractions was mesmerizing to say the least. On almost every wall could be found fantastic pieces of art…

DLH 59

DLH 59     DLH 68

Adding to this visual smorgasbord was compilation portraits and display cabinets filled with collectibles and other memorabilia. Such as…

DLH 35     Go back in time

Treasures aplenty…     DLH 26     How many have you owned?

So if an on-property stay isn’t in your immediate future but a trip to Disneyland is, be sure to at least tour the hallways of the first hotel to be linked to the Disney brand!

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