Disneyland and Walt Disney World Ashtrays

We’re all familiar with the Toothpick Holders that Disney sells. For some reason people use them for shot glasses, but as to why, we may never know. What we do know is that Disney does not sell glasses for the consumption of alcohol. Wink, wink.

Nor does Disney any longer sell tobacco products or smoking paraphernalia, like lighters and ashtrays. And this even though Disneyland had a tobacco shop on Main Street when it opened. Well, times change.

But not before these vintage (but now taboo) ashtrays were produced and sold at the Parks:

Kitchen Ash Tray Disneyland +     Just try to call this a Disneyland collector plate!

Or this a Walt Disney World collector plate     Kitchen Ashtray WDW +

So we know that at least into the 70’s Disney was still comfortable with making money off of the smoking habit at both of its North American theme parks.

PC must have been an 80’s thing.

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