Pixar’s PLANES Chocolate Candy

No, I didn’t get today’s chocolate from a recent airplane trip, but just at my local WalMart. Disney’s follow-up to the Cars franchise hasn’t quite hit the heights hoped for, but it did spawn a sequel (that actually looks better than the original) and these tasty little chocolate eggs:

002     003

Zaini strikes again!

Zaini has a multitude of character chocolate eggs on the market, many of them tied into one Disney franchise or another. Even though I wasn’t too impressed with Planes, and haven’t added it to my Blu-Ray collection yet, I was curious to see what the toys would look like.

And I wanted chocolate.


006 007

13 toy planes available in all

These toys always come in two or three pieces for you to assemble and with a pad of stickers. Believe me when I tell you that it isn’t easy to affix tiny stickers to a tiny plastic toy!

I bought four eggs which usually cost about a buck and a half.

I was just musing about how popular any post involving chocolate becomes on this site. I’m considering changing the name of my site from Disney Nouns to Disney Chocolate. What do you think?

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