Earl of Sandwich at Downtown Disney in California

Food is not usually a big part of our Disney vacations. Oh, we eat! But we don’t exploit the Disney Dining Plan or indulge in expensive sit-down restaurants. Counter-service and smaller venues suit our by-the-seat-of-our-pants style of fun.

So places like Earl of Sandwich are perfect for us because we can just pop in whenever we get hungry and pick something up quick and relatively inexpensively. Something like this for instance:

DTD 13 +

Roast Turkey Melt with Pasta Salad side and… beer!

OK, hand me almost anything with a pasta side and I’ll eat it. Add a beer and I’m a repeat customer! On the other hand, my wife has Celiac Disease, so she pretty much has to eat whatever gluten-free options are on the menu. But that’s a different story!

I completely enjoyed the Earl of Sandwich in Downtown Disney in California, but wasn’t as impressed with the one in the Florida DTD. Has anyone else eaten at both? Do you agree with me, or is my taste a bit off?

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2 Responses to Earl of Sandwich at Downtown Disney in California

  1. My family LOVES the Earl in DtD in FL. LOVES! As in, we don’t like to go to Walt Disney World without eating there at least once.

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