Giant Mickey Mouse Plush at The Contemporary Resort

Sometimes you just have to be brave enough to ask to make a magical moment happen. Or in my case, get your wife to ask. This picture was taken by a Cast Member for us in The Game Station Arcade at the Contemporary Resort in Walt Disney World.

The Game Station Arcade is located on the 4th Floor next to the Fantasia Shop. It runs on an Arcade Cards system and you must purchase points to play.

Giant Mickey

Is that Elvis Mickey in the background?

OK, it’s probably hard to focus on anything in the background with such a giant Mickey Mouse plush in the foreground! This arcade gives out prizes when you win games. I have no idea what you would have to do to win this plush, but I’m thinking you’d have to be an equivalent to a Pinball Wizard! At least.

We didn’t win any games but just asked if we could have our picture taken with Mondo Mickey. Well, Karen asked.

Have you ever done anything like this?

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2 Responses to Giant Mickey Mouse Plush at The Contemporary Resort

  1. Caseylk says:

    I LOVE your shirts! So cool. I love this picture!


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