Disney’s Double-O-Duck aka Darkwing Duck

It’s the pin that sticks in the night! It’s the rarity that makes medium wish it was well done! It’s:

Pin Double O Duck +

Look like anyduck you know?

When you’re in trouble, ya… Call DW! Darkwing Duck that is. But the original pitch for the show was very different from the one we know and love. It was originally going to be a James Bond spoof called Double-O Duck, with Drake Mallard as a globe-trotting spy working for SHUSH. Eventually the concept was combined with ideas from a superhero-based DuckTales episode and became Darkwing Duck.

Disney’s merchandising division never got the full memo about the change, so some of the merchandise produced before the show aired leaked out. I picked up the above pin on eBay.

You just know I’m going to say it, don’t you? LETS… GET… DANGEROUS!

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