Pixar’s PLANES – Fire and Rescue Dusty Cup Topper

Well, I finally went to see Planes: Fire and Rescue. Man, working for a living really gets in the way of my entertainment! Be that as it may, I just came back from Date Night with the wife, and really enjoyed the movie.

Many have already said that this sequel was better than the original, and I have to agree. The characters are better and funnier and the story had more heart. I also liked the pop culture references, especially the one involving CHiPs, or CHoPs as it appears in this movie. Eric Estrada even had a cameo!

It’s way too far after the release of this movie for me to bother with a movie review, so instead I’ll show you the cup and topper from the kids snack pack that I purchased:

Planes 003

This was the drink. I also got popcorn and a small container of mini smarties.

The box also contained two $10-off coupons for Toys R Us (when you spend $50 or more)

Planes 002

Dusty sports a new red fire and rescue paint job

Sadly, the topper for this cup didn’t feature Dusty in his new red paint job. I guess I’ll just have to go to Toys R Us and buy a die-cast one instead. Oh, drat! Well, a collector’s got to do what a collector’s got to do.

Did you see Planes: Fire and Rescue? Will you be buying it on disc when it comes out? I will, and I highly recommend it!

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