Disney Movie Rewards: Movie Tickets

You likely know that if you attend a Disney movie you can claim up to four tickets and get 50 points for each added to your Disney Movie Rewards account. The process is easy and is a nice addition to the program.

But did you also know that Marvel movies are also eligible?

I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy on opening night and have submitted my four tickets to collect my 200 points.

Scrncap1     Tickets for blog

Here’s a tip for you: If you are a couple, just ask someone seated near you if you could have their ticket stubs. This is best done after the movie has ended, as people are getting up to leave. I do this at every eligible movie I attend so that I always have four tickets to submit. I haven’t once come upon anyone who knows about the Disney Movie Rewards program, or is even interested after I explain it to them, so no one has ever refused . Go figure! But if they want to throw away free stuff, who am I to stop them? I’ve also picked tickets up off of seats or the floor.

Yes, I’ll do anything for free Disney stuff! Won’t you?

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