The Living Seas at EPCOT featuring the Disney Divers

I always try to visit The Living Seas at EPCOT when I’m in Walt Disney World. The huge aquarium there is just too cool to pass up. This time around (January of 2014) I was hoping to see the dolphins, but that didn’t happen. Instead, I saw these strange fish:

Disney Last Days 029

Fishius Homosapius Flipperaus

Everyone thought it was funny to be taking pictures of scuba divers instead of the fish, so:

Disney Last Days 022     Disney Last Days 021

Disney Last Days 031

It’s not easy to get decent pictures through the glass and with the lighting inside the wrap-around aquarium, but even though the end results might not be as polished or perfect, the subject is always interesting!

In conclusion, can anyone identify this strange configuration?

Disney Last Days 034

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