Disney California Adventure – Muppet Vision 3D Props

Wocka Wocka! It’s time to visit the funniest and furriest puppets ever to grace… just about everything: The Muppets! I love Muppet Vision 3D even though it is dated.

CA 133

Perhaps my absolute favorite part of this attraction is the queue area with all the wacky props and awful gags! Let’s start to walk inside, shall we?

CA 141     First, we check in with Security, which is unattended

CA 142

Fortunately, Karen has never had to worry about head clearance

Now it’s time to be assaulted with horrible puns. I grimaced but Karen was in her element! Let’s see how YOU fare:

CA 143     CA 144

CA 145     CA 146

Which one of these is not the same?

I was reminded of a basic photography tip by a Cast Member while I was taking these last four pictures. And it was embarrassing because I should have known better! When photographing glass, don’t stand directly in front or your flash will cause a flare on the subject. I was reminded to stand at an angle (pic 4) and of course the flare disappeared.

Kudos to the Cast Member for caring enough to help make my memories that much better!

And now to end this post with one of Fozzie Bears best (?) jokes:

Straight Man: Why don’t you wear shoes Fozzie?
Fozzie: Why should I? I’d still have bear feet. Wocka Wocka Wocka!

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