Euro Disney ‘Waiting With Mickey Mouse’ Statuette

I hate waiting. I really hate waiting to ride my favorite attraction. I absolutely can’t wait for my next Disney vacation! But… I have to, and so just perhaps, I look a little like this:

Figurine Clock Tower Mickey 1 +

Waiting, but still smiling!

Figurine Clock Tower Mickey 2 +     Figurine Clock Tower Mickey 3 +

… and waiting, and waiting…

Figurine Clock Tower Mickey 4 +

Yup, getting a little tired of waiting!

This beautiful piece is branded Euro Disney (pre-Disneyland Paris) and features not one, but four Mickey figures. We aren’t told what he is waiting for, but I’m guessing it’s for Minnie!

On the bottom of the piece are the words ‘Mame La Vallee Cedex’ which loosely translated may refer to the Mame Valley in Cedex, France. If so, I can only assume that is where this piece was manufactured. Or not. I just don’t know for sure.

Maybe that’s what Mickey is waiting for: The answer to this mystery!

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