Goodbye to Duffy, the Disney Bear No-one Loves

Poor Duffy! Outside of Japan, he just didn’t get the love that almost automatically goes to other Disney characters. When we were last at Disney California Adventure, we stopped and took the time to pose with this neglected meet-and-greet character.

But we didn’t have to wait in line. In fact, we were the only people even interested in posing with him. Every time we went by, this is what we saw:

CA 234

He stands alone

I decided to watch for a while and see if it was just a lull in the crowds, but eventually, Duffy just went inside the store and sat down on a box… and waited.

I always feel sorry for the CM in the suit when the hard work and sweat aren’t appreciated. So I’d like to say thank you to ‘Duffy’ for making a fuss over us!

CA 237

The rumor is that Duffy has to go to make money available to pay for the new Oswald meet-and-greet coming soon to the Disneyland Resort. I’m thrilled that Oswald is coming, but still feel it’s a shame that Duffy will become a casualty.

Will you miss Duffy, the Disney Bear?

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