Review: Disney Fantasia – Music Evolved

Fantasia Game cover

Rated for Everyone 10+

Publisher: Disney Interactive

Platforms: Xbox One & Kinect for Xbox 360

Players: Multiplayer for up to TWO local players

Available: October 21, 2014

Price: $59.99 for Xbox One and $49.99 for Kinect for Xbox 360


I recently received an invitation to review a new gaming experience designed for the Xbox 360 platform with Kinect capability. With this game you become an apprentice of the great Yen Sid (diS neY spelled backwards) as you learn to create and conduct the magic of music!

This new game was designed by Harmonix, critically acclaimed creators of Rock Band and Dance Central and the world’s leading music and motion gaming studio.

Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved is a breakthrough musical motion video game inspired by Disney’s classic animated film Fantasia. In the game, players enter the many realms of Fantasia and learn to manipulate music spanning all genres and eras, including classics from the original film and over 30 hit artist selections. You can view the complete song list on the official Disney site and order your copy.


Yep, you might want to limber up a bit before trying this game! About an hour in, you’ll be waving your arms like a real orchestra conductor on a mission, which is the part you are playing. The narrator draws you in and introduces you to Yen Sid who gives you your challenges. Each level has a goal you must reach to continue.

First, I was off to The Shoal to earn a star to put on my hat (you remember the blue hat that Mickey Mouse wore in his famous Fantasia role?) Message in a Bottle by The Police was my first conducting job. Regata de Blanc was the first album I ever bought, so this was a real geek moment for me!


Here, I reached my goal and achieved a 90% rating for accuracy!


You can also set records, or streaks, for most correct moves in succession

One star down and it was off to The Hollow to earn another star:


Fantasia T-shirt

Did I mention I also received this cool LE t-shirt depicting the CandelabraElk from The Hollow?

After another successful round and my second star for my hat, it was off to The Nation and then The Press to earn my last two stars. My accuracy dropped from 90% to 76% as the levels got harder. So although the game seems to start off easy, it quickly toughens up! Next it was off to Space to collect a moon to complete my hat. With the hat completed, I unlocked a new level of play and… well, I’ll let you play the game to find out what came next!


After about an hour, as I said above, you really do start to feel like a conductor. The arm movements are authentic and you begin to feel the music and forget the ‘game’. The banter of the narrator is amusing and the worlds you later encounter are awesome!


Anyone for a visit to The Haven?

I wasn’t too sure of what to expect from this release other than it would involve music, but Disney and Harmonix have captured the magic and wonder of the original Fantasia film and put it on your gaming console.


I can’t rate the whole game yet as I haven’t had the time to fully explore every world and each and every feature, but at this point I’d definitely say it’s well worth a look. I’d give it an initial 4+ out of 5 stars with the expectation that the rating will go higher as I venture further into Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved.

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