Jelly Belly Candy Yummy Yummy

Who likes candy? OK, silly question. Who likes jelly beans? OK, still silly. Who likes Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck? OK, now we’re getting ridiculous!

OK, who would like all of these things put together? Well, wish no more:


The Original Gourmet Jelly Bean

Scrncap13    Even the sides of the packaging is cool!


Good ingredients and Gluten-free!

We were browsing in a local Home Sense where my wife found several gluten-free items. But as I was walking through the impulse-buy aisle to the checkout (curse you, Home Sense!) I was successfully tempted by these Special Edition Jelly Belly delights. I really didn’t stand a chance: Jelly beans, Disney characters, and a Special Edition package!


In conclusion: They are delicious!

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