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Big Hero 6 – Inflatable Action Hero

If you could design a hero, what would you start with? An inflatable marshmellow-like medical robot with a kindly disposition? Me too! And as luck would have it, Disney thought this would make a good premise for a movie, and … Continue reading

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D23 Calendar for the 2014/15 Season

I recently renewed my membership with D23 and received my latest issue with a special gift. This year it’s a very nice calendar that highlights the many anniversaries we’ll be celebrating throughout 2014/15.      Front and back covers Obviously, there … Continue reading

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Mickey Mouse ‘Born to Ride’ Ornament by Hallmark

Tin Toys have always been popular and are among the most collectible, and expensive, toys out there. Unfortunately, I don’t have any original tin toys in my collection, but I do like to add a few reproductions, like this one: … Continue reading

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Nostalgia Digest: Celebrating the Golden Age of Entertainment

If you have been visiting my blogs for any amount of time, you know that I not only love Disney, but so much more. I’m into silent movies, old radio shows, vintage toys and collectibles, classic television, musicals… oh, the … Continue reading

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Disney Plush Bears – Big Al and Br’er Bear

Disney has many a famous bear: Humphrey. Big Al. Br’er Bear. And many others whose names escape me at the moment. Over the last month, I’ve been following a pair of plush bears on Kijiji but thought the price was … Continue reading

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Jim Henson’s Muppets – Sour Puckers Tin

Welcome to the wonderful and oft-times dangerous world of “Muppet Labs: Where the future is being made… today!” Dr. Bunsen Honeydew PhD. Esq. and his frightful (or frightened) assistant Beaker have really cooked up something good for us today. After … Continue reading

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Disney’s Mickey Express Merry Miniatures Train Set

Hallmark has had some really great Disney items over the years. Best known for their holiday ornaments, many might not realize what other delights have crept onto this retail store’s shelves. Things like this Mickey Express Merry Miniatures train set: … Continue reading

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Jelly Belly Candy Yummy Yummy Too

I was visiting family while out-of-town, which means opportunities to scavenge in new places for Disney-related items. I was pleased to find this additional bag of candy to match some that I had previously purchased closer to home: See Mickey … Continue reading

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