Disney’s Fab Five Mini Train

Hallmark has had some really great Disney items over the years. Best known for their holiday ornaments, many might not realize what other delights have crept onto this retail store’s shelves.

Things like:

Toy Train 004

All Aboard!

I found this mini train set at a flea market for only $8 CAN. They may have been a simple display item or more likely a cake topper set.

Toy Train 005

Walt would be proud!

Toy Train 006

Toy Train 007 Toy Train 008 Toy Train 009

Goof on a caboose on the loose!

Toy Train 010

1998 Disney/Hallmark Cards Inc.

These little rail cars range from 1 1/4″ to 1 1/2″ high to almost 2″ long, but not quite.

16 years old and still having fun! The connection between Walt and trains has been beaten to death and needs no more reiteration from me. But I think we can all agree that seeing Mickey in an engineers outfit atop an engine, just like his papa Walt, brings a wave of nostalgia to the heart!

Toy Train 012

A L L    A B O A R D   !

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