Disney Plush Bears – Big Al and Br’er Bear

Disney has many a famous bear: Humphrey. Big Al. Br’er Bear. And many others whose names escape me at the moment. Over the last month, I’ve been following a pair of plush bears on Kijiji but thought the price was too high. After a week the price dropped and I make an offer which was declined. Today I purchased them for $10 under my former offer.

Life is good!

New stuff 007     New stuff 008

Big Al from the Country Bear Jamboree

Big Al is my favorite Disney bear! His so-ugly-its-cute look and hilarious rendition of Blood on the Saddle gets me every time. This plush is about 16″ tall and all original and is branded for both Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

Next is a bear from my favorite WDW/DL attraction Splash Mountain:

New stuff 001

B R’ E R     B E A R

When is a villain not a villain? When he is just a big guy who wants a good meal! Yes, Br’er Bear may not be too smart, but he’s not evil either, which makes him a very endearing character.

New stuff 002     New stuff 006

Again, this plush is at least 16″ tall

New stuff 003

Official Song of the South merchandise (Shhhhh! It doesn’t exist)

New stuff 004     New stuff 005

Although not dated here, I believe this plush is from the 1990’s

So, is your favorite bear a Park Rangers worst headache? Or a country hic with a big club? Or a singing sour puss?

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