Mickey Mouse ‘Born to Ride’ Ornament by Hallmark

Tin Toys have always been popular and are among the most collectible, and expensive, toys out there. Unfortunately, I don’t have any original tin toys in my collection, but I do like to add a few reproductions, like this one:

New stuff 020

New stuff 018     New stuff 019

Hallmark releases new ornaments each year and many of them make great collectibles for year-round display. This particular one is free-standing and so is not limited to only being hung.

Here we see Mickey with his vintage leather helmet and flowing scarf ready to hit the open road! With training wheels. But… we’ll overlook that for now.

New stuff 022

Created by Hallmark Artist Nello Williams

Well, we conclude with that parting shot of Mickey driving off across the rolling pillows of my sofa. Born to Ride… Born to be Wild!

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