D23 Calendar for the 2014/15 Season

I recently renewed my membership with D23 and received my latest issue with a special gift. This year it’s a very nice calendar that highlights the many anniversaries we’ll be celebrating throughout 2014/15.

New stuff 024     New stuff 025

Front and back covers

Obviously, there are too many posters to show them all here, but I’d like to share a few of my favorites:

New stuff 026

It’s a shame that the Tower of the Four Winds was destroyed!

New stuff 027     New stuff 028

New stuff 029     New stuff 030

New stuff 031

Captain Jack Sparrow with Annette???

It’s hard to believe that the Walt Disney Archives will be 45 years old in June of 2015! Of all the Disney jobs out there, this is the one I’d love to have.

But the last poster I will share with you has to be my favorite of the set. I only wish I was born sooner so that I could have been an original (albeit honorary) Mouseketeer:

New stuff 032

39 children were Mouseketeers. I could have been number 40!

Disney has released a small sampling of the show on DVD and a Disney Treasures set of four episodes. This, in my opinion, is not enough! I hope to see the entire series released on DVD/Blu-ray some day.

In the meantime, get ready for an anniversary-filled 2015!

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