Big Hero 6 – Inflatable Action Hero

If you could design a hero, what would you start with? An inflatable marshmellow-like medical robot with a kindly disposition? Me too! And as luck would have it, Disney thought this would make a good premise for a movie, and so we have Baymax. Of course, Marvel Comics thought it would make a good comic book first, so it seems that we all agree on the formula.

Big Hero 6 008

Haturday Luncheon 006     Haturday Luncheon 007

So, this is what I started with

I picked up my basic Baymax at Toys-R-Us for under $20 and was ready to build him into the world’s coolest super hero since Buzz Lightyear! And this is what I ended up with:

Big Hero 6 002

Haturday Luncheon 002 Haturday Luncheon 003

OK, well maybe I had a little more help from Toys-R-Us

I haven’t geeked out over a toy so much since I got my original Buzz Lightyear action figure. This deluxe Flying Baymax is just too cool! He’s huge, has pop-up wings, sounds, a rocket punch hand, and… he makes flying noises when you run around the room with him. At least… that’s what the box says.

Big Hero 6 001 Big Hero 6 007

Hiro even sticks on the back using magnets

Even before I got these guys out of the box, I was at my local Chapters book store and found this wonderful Art Of book:

Big Hero 6 009

Priced at $40 US/Can I was waffling as to whether or not I would buy this until a sales associate walked up with a special one-day 25% off coupon. It now sits on my book shelf. It would be impossible to cover all that is in this book, but obviously it has many concept sketches and information on how the film was developed. If you’re a Big Hero 6 fan you need to pick this up.

If you do, you’ll be able to see just how Baymax is put together:

Big Hero 6 014

Enjoy this sneak peek!

So are you hoping to revisit San Fransokyo when Big Hero 6 comes out on DVD/Blu-ray next year? Me too! But until then, I have my toys to play with and a book to read.

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