Funko Pop Wall-E Figurine is a Cue-T

There is definitely some debate over how good a film Pixar’s Wall-E was. I personally loved it, but I can see how it wouldn’t be everyone’s cube of garbage.

But you just have to admit that he is one cute little Waste Allocater Load Lifter – Earth Class:

new toys 003

Talk about puppy-dog eyes!

new toys 001     new toys 002

I’ve been watching these POP! figures since Series 1 came out and have liked a few along the way, but never enough to lay my $9.99 down. I like the design concept (even if it is a slight Precious Moments rip-off) but none of the Disney characters done to date captured my imagination. These days I only buy something when it ignites my ‘Got-to-have-that’ fire!

Pop! Wall-E has finally done that, and I’m happy enough to add one of this line to my main Disney collection.

new toys 004

Aww, I think I’ve turned his adorable little head!

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