First Disney Cruise – Day Three

So as mentioned, we have been getting up close and personal with the cabin commode since 10:30 pm of Day Two. It’s now around 7 am and the ship has arrived at the Cayman Islands.

Disney Cruise Vacation 090

We had an excursion booked but were obviously not going to be able to enjoy it. The picture above is taken from our room TV and shows the Cayman Islands as seen by the Bowcam. This is as close as we got both to the Caymans and a blue sky.

We needed to cancel our excursion so we phoned Customer Service to ask them to take care of it, but they told us to simply go down to Port Adventures and tell them ourselves. This was not going to happen, for as you can imagine, we still didn’t feel so well and looked even worse. After some discussion, they agreed to take care of it for us.

We slept on and off until 3 pm and got up and showered and prepared to visit Medical Services when they opened at 4:30 pm. At this point, Karen still wasn’t feeling one hundred percent, but I felt better and so ordered some room service. I had toast and cereal with some juice. This turned out to be a mistake, as you will see soon.

We arrived at Medical Services and were treated extremely well. The Doctor and the Nurses were top flight and showed a very understanding and caring attitude! It was determined that I had a 102.8 degree temperature after which I deposited my toast, cereal, and juice in a convenient bucket provided. So for me, this was not sea sickness, but I then became the fifth case of Acute Gastroenteritis and thus subject to a 24-hour quarantine, starting from the last time I donated food, which was now listed as 5 pm of Day Three. So now I would have to spend all of my time in my stateroom until 5 pm of Day Four. Karen was diagnosed with the same thing, and so we enjoyed the quarantine together.

Disney Cruise Vacation 054

At least someone seems to be enjoying the cruise!

So now we are on a bland diet, which we couldn’t keep down at this point anyway, and shots for both of us with an oral medication chaser. We slumped back to our stateroom to begin our quarantine. This meant that we would miss Toy Story the Musical which was the show I was looking forward to the most! We could have watched it on TV but the medication made us sleepy and we ended up passing out until about 11 pm.

And so ends Day Three.

Disney Cruise Vacation 058

Join us tomorrow for the story of Day Four, or as I like to call it: Making the Best of a Half-day Left at Sea Day. Catchy, isn’t it? Although, I doubt Disney will be optioning the rights anytime soon.

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2 Responses to First Disney Cruise – Day Three

  1. Mickey says:

    Oh Lee, my wife Cindy would like to thank you for your service. She is very against cruising, so all of these sad stories and tales are just giving her ammunition. I’m truly sorry for the unique “excursion” that you and Karen took on your own!

    • disneynouns says:

      Mike, tell Cindy she’s not out of the woods yet! Wait for my final day wrap-up where I give my opinion as to whether a Disney Cruise is worth it or not. The answer might not be what one would expect! And thanks for your sympathy, but I’m sure we’ll look back on this and laugh… in about another 25 years! LOL

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