Our Teddy Bear ‘Son’ Heb Wearing a Baymax T-Shirt

Karen and I don’t have any children. Well, no real children. But we do have two teddy bears that we have adopted. One is called Heb, our oldest, and the youngest is Goober. Our parents consider them their grandchildren and we have them sitting around our home.

On our recent vacation we stopped at a Disney Store in Miami and found an adorable little t-shirt featuring Baymax from Big Hero 6. We didn’t know which of our ‘sons’ it would fit, so had to wait until we got home to see who would get the gift. Heb is the lucky one:

Heb and Baymax 003

Heb chillaxin in his new T

Heb and Baymax 002

Funny story: To discourage my wife from wanting children, I told her that if we had a boy, I would call him Hebrew, or Heb for short. If it were a girl, she would be called Greek or Aramaic. If you’re a Bible reader, you likely know that these are the three original languages that the Bible was written in. So in my defense, I chose Biblical names!

So far… no ‘real’ children. Come on guys, you’re jealous you didn’t think of it!

Heb and Baymax 001

What? Not cute enough for ya?

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