Disney Cruise Line Swag

Thought everyone would like a break from our First Disney Cruise tale of woe, so just a quick post to show a little bit of swag we scored from our stateroom bathroom:

2015 Vacation Swag 011

Surprisingly good products

We usually take our own shampoo and soaps on vacation and rarely use the ones supplied by resorts or hotels. But the DCL shampoo and soap worked quite well for me, although Karen did revert back to her preferred products after the first night.

I’m not sure if the resorts at Walt Disney World still do this, but we are used to having the bathroom restocked with all new shampoos and soaps each and every morning, whether you’ve used the previous allotment or not. But with the DCL, you get one set and that’s it!

Funny how Minnie isn’t used, but instead Mickey is used twice. And Pluto over Donald?

P. S. – I also took a pen. And some writing paper. And two envelopes. Shhhhh!
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