Disney Cruise Line Porthole Pondering

While on the Disney Wonder recently, we took many a walk around the ship, just to look at the design and take pictures. We came across these portholes. Can you guess how big they were?

Disney Cruise Vacation 031

Onboard, there were basically two sizes. One size was found in the staterooms, and the other was found in hallways. Both gave an ocean view.

So, are these basically standard size, or super sized? Well, let’s put me into the picture for scale:

Disney Cruise Vacation 032

So I’m basically 6′ tall, so that would make these portholes about 5′ in diameter, making them supersized indeed!

It was cool because some of these portholes had padded seats along the bottom edge in which you could sit and gaze out at the ocean. A fun thing to do unless you are prone to sea sickness!

Porthole Seat

Rest stop along Route 66

As always, the Disney Difference is in the details.

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