‘Walt Disney Presents’ Long Play Record

For most reading this post, I hope you still remember what LP means and what a ‘record’ is! In North America these vinyl discs are making a comeback. New recording acts are using this format to tap into the nostalgia of the recording industry and it’s a trend I appreciate!

I have many vintage vinyls in my personal collection and am always looking for more, especially Disney titles that will never be re-released in any other format. Titles like A Child’s Introduction to Melody and the Instruments of the Orchestra:

Disney Record FC

Disney Record BC

This is based on a Disney Short called Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom which was later run on the Disney’s Wonderful World of Color television show. It featured an Owl who was trying to teach a room full of feathered pupils about music. You can imagine how this went when one of the pupils had the name of Bertie Birdbrain and another had to take off her dunce cap in order to hear the teacher!

A standout feature of this record is that it is narrated by Thurl Ravenscroft (of Haunted Mansion and Tony the Tiger fame, among others.)

Disney Record S1 Disney Record S2

Disneyland Records

I bought this at the last Sam the Record Man that just happens to be where I live. They carry movies and all of the latest music but with a selection of used vinyl as well.

If you still have a record player in your home, do you collect old Disney vinyl too?

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