Mickey Mouse Character Subway Bag

The other day I had a craving for a sub sandwich so made my way to the local Subway Restaurant. While I was paying I just happened to notice this little Disney promotional item behind the Cashier:

Mickey Mouse Bag 004

Subway Mickey tote

This picture is from a scene in the new series of Mickey Mouse Shorts called Croissant de Triomphe. It was the first episode of Season One. If you haven’t seen these great reimagined shorts yet, you should pick up the DVD:

Mickey Mouse Bag 002     Mickey Mouse Bag 003

Subway has replaced McDonald’s as the ‘fast-food’ marketing tie-in restaurant with Disney and often has cool promotional stuff, although usually it’s a bag with an image from the latest Disney property. But in this case, it also had a toy:

Mickey Mouse Bag 009 Mickey Mouse Bag 007

Packaging and puzzle

I almost missed this toy and only saw it as I opened the bag to set up this shot:

Mickey Mouse Bag 008

These bags aren’t made very well and won’t hold up to much abuse but do still make a cute little keepsake.

The tag on the bag says “Watch new Mickey Mouse Shorts on Family (Network)”. Season Two is underway and I can’t wait for the DVD! Are you and you’re family enjoying this new take on the Fab Five?

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  1. mary says:

    I saw the commercial last night and was trying to figure out how to order a kids meal during lunch at work just to get one.

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