Disney Signage – Guests without Baggage Only, Please!

I think I’ve only entered a Disney park once without a bag. Usually I’m carrying at least a camera case with my camera equipment and camcorder in it and my wife has her purse, so it’s off to the long line of security for us!

Now that cellphones have better cameras in them, photographers may be tempted to sneak in for a few quick shots without the DSLR and telephoto lens. But if they are me, I doubt it!

Bag Signage

What about personal baggage?

Have you made use of the no bag line? Is it worth it to you to get in quicker if it means only having the clothes on your back and a smile on your face?

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2 Responses to Disney Signage – Guests without Baggage Only, Please!

  1. Mickey says:

    Quite often I am without any bags, Lee, but that’s changing. I’ve got a new GoPro and I can’t wait to use it at Disneyland when we are there in July and whenever I’m next at Walt Disney World! Good question!

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