Places: Walt Disney World Value Resorts Overview

Value Resorts Offer Way More Eye Candy

AoA Resort

Today we are reviewing the value resorts at Walt Disney World.

It is common to think of the value resorts only in terms of money. How much can I save by staying at one? But we might also think of them in terms of fun for families. How kid-friendly are they? Or we might choose one based on location. How close is it to my favorite theme park? All of these reasons for staying at a value resort are valid!

But you just know they aren’t the reasons I’m going to promote! No, I love the value resorts because I honestly feel they have a higher level of theming than both the moderate and deluxe resorts. Visit the Coronado Springs  or Polynesian resorts and you’ll come away with a few dozen photographs. Visit a value resort, like the Art of Animation (pictured above) and you can potentially come away with literally hundreds of amazing shots!

Pop Century

Pop Century Resort

Each value resort has a theme worthy of a photo essay! So let’s break them down:

All-Star Music – Music styles include: Calypso; Rock; Country; Broadway; and Jazz

All-Star Sports – Duh! But seriously, the sports represented are: Surfing; Baseball; Basketball; Tennis; and American Football

All-Star Movies – Expect to see giant representations of: 101 Dalmatians; Toy Story; Fantasia; The Mighty Ducks; and Herbie, The Love Bug

Pop Century Resort – Featuring pop cultural icons such as the: Yo-Yo, Mickey Phone (pictured above), Big Wheels, and too many more to list here!

Art of Animation – Four mega-themes: Cars; Little Mermaid; Finding Nemo; and Lion King

Of these five resorts, I’d say the best for theming are the Pop Century and Art of Animation. This is not to say the other resorts don’t yield magnificent photo opportunities, especially if music, sports, or movies are your thing. But Disney seems to have added so much more to the last two value resorts.

All Star Music

All-Star Music Resort

Karen and I stay almost exclusively at value resorts, even though we don’t have children, and could save up to stay at more expensive lodgings. But just walking through the themed walkways of each section of a value resort almost makes our vacations!

So when you’re looking to book your next on-site resort, don’t forget to consider the most themed resorts of all: Disney’s All-Star and Value Resorts!

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14 Responses to Places: Walt Disney World Value Resorts Overview

  1. Kira Wolf says:

    Greeat blog you have here

  2. roemottola says:

    You know what, the way I feel about it is that I rather stay in Disney for longer than pay more for a moderate or a deluxe and stay less days. My magic time is spent in the parks. All I need is a good pool and a clean, comfortable place to stay. And the Values do that perfectly! Good post 🙂

  3. I love the all-stars! I’ve only stayed at All-Star Sports and The Art of Animation, but I love walking through the theming of all the other hotels.

  4. We love the value resorts too. Pop Century is one of my favorites, even when I include deluxe resorts. I love the giant icons!

  5. I love the value resorts! They’re my home away from home. We’ve stayed at all of them except Art of Animation. I love the themeing of each of them. The Calypso and Broadway sections at All Star Music are some of my favorites to see.

  6. dadfordisney says:

    I completely agree about the photo opportunities that you have at a value resort. I took a lot of pictures of my visit to Art of Animation. When I visited Coronado Springs for dinner, I arrived early and still didn’t take a lot of pictures of the resort decor. Can’t beat value resort decor.

  7. I love these pictures! Is it still considered a Hidden Mickey when it’s as big as it is on the front of those boots?

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