Adorable Plush Eeyore from the Hallmark Store

Thanks for noticing this post. Once again I’ve been made into a little plush animal. It’s… dreadful. But I suppose I’ll learn to live with it.”

Yes, Eeyore, the world just loves you! And so those of us without a little black rain cloud following us around, we get a little ray of sunshine that looks something like this:

Newbies 001

Oh. I’m cute. And smiling? I’m so depressed!”

Well, Eeyore might not be enjoying himself today, but my wife is now that she has this little plush for her very own!

After our last Disney vacation, we stopped off at no less than three Disney Stores to cap off our trip with some souvenir purchases. But to our surprise, there wasn’t too much new merchandise to choose from. But determined to find something, we visited a Hallmark store in the same mall as the last Disney Store we visited, and… Eureka!

We walked away with over half a dozen great Disney items. What does it say when a secondary Disney retailer has better stuff than the Disney Store?

Since then, we have been checking out Hallmark on a regular basis. So if you can’t get to a Disney Store, don’t forget the Disney treasures waiting for you at Hallmark!

Newbies 002 Newbies 004

Newbies 003

Well, I guess this is the end. Thanks for looking at my butt.”

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  1. roemottola says:

    I hate the Disney store merchandise. I really am so disappointed every time I visit. I thought that maybe they focused on kids and I wasn’t their target audience, but now that I have my son I still feel the same. Anyway that Eeyore is adorable! I love the Hallmark Disney line. Enjoy!

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