Top Five Things You Should Appreciate about Disney

Diehard fans know more than five reasons why Disney is awesome! But the average person, who only thinks of Disney as a cartoon factory or a place to take the kiddies, might just benefit from… a list! A list of the top five things about Disney that everyone should know.

So let’s start with Number Five:

Pixar Signage

This sits in the last spot because, although Pixar started out as a sure-fire hit maker, it has flattened out somewhat since Disney acquired it in 2006. I believe this is due largely to the Disney tendency to produce sequels over original content.

But hopefully movies like Inside Out and The Good Dinosaur will remind us all of the days when it was painful to have to wait for a new Pixar release!

Number Four:

Marvel Logo

Marvel has had a long string of blockbuster hits on the big screen. No other producer has been able to match their success, so no wonder Disney snapped them up! The Avengers movies have been crazy big and the whole stable of movie franchise characters shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

So why isn’t this part of Disney higher on the list? Because not everyone is into superheros and good old punch-em-up movies. It is good to see that, unlike with Pixar, Disney seems to be staying out of the Marvel creative process and just letting the existing talent pool continue doing what it’s been doing so well. I think this part of Disney has the potential to climb higher on the list if it’s revisited again.

Number Three:

Disney Characters

Animation would not be what it is today if Walt Disney hadn’t revolutionized the way the world viewed cartoons back in the 1930’s. Snow White obviously dropped a bomb on the world and the impact is still being felt today!

Mention ‘Disney’ and most people will think of one of the characters/movies depicted in the wallpaper above. So why isn’t animation number one on our list? Again, not everyone, especially adults, go to see animated films. As successful as they are, many still dismiss them as mere cartoons, and spend their money on slasher flicks instead. Their loss!

Number Two:

abc Logo  ESPN logo

The abc network wasn’t the best network when it first started, but now has become a leader in television programming. It doesn’t hurt that the mega sports branch ESPN is linked to it! This network has must-see programming for Disney and non-Disney viewers alike.

It rates so high on our list because of its far-reaching coverage and universal appeal. And I think there may still be some, if not many, who don’t know that the Mouse owns the first three letters of the alphabet!

And now the Number One thing you should know about Disney:

WDW Resort

Photo from Disney’s PhotoPass

Theme Parks are all the rage these days, but Disney did it best first, and in my opinion still does it better than the competition overall. Some other theme parks might have wilder roller coasters, but those coasters won’t be themed like a Disney coaster! Some other theme parks might have trendier entertainment, but none of those shows will have the staying power of a Disney production! Some other theme parks might build an awesome attraction, but they’ll have to bow down and thank Disney for doing it first and inspiring their creation!

Destinations like Walt Disney World truly do offer something for everyone, and I really do believe that no other venue can make that claim!

Obviously Disney’s holdings don’t end at just five. From opera houses to time shares, publishing to philanthropy, Disney seems to have its four-fingered hands into everything! With that in mind, do you think I listed the right five things everyone should know about Disney, or would you substitute something else? Perhaps the Star Wars franchise that Disney has recently acquired would top your list? Only time will tell how well Disney will do with nurturing this well-established giant.

So let everyone know your picks in the comments below. Thank you!

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2 Responses to Top Five Things You Should Appreciate about Disney

  1. swanpride says:

    It’s not Disney’s tendency to produce sequels, that is all on Pixar. If anything, Lassiter having creative control at the animation studios is responsible for Disney doing Winnie the Pooh, which was only the fourth sequel in the long history of the Animation studios (Cheapquels don’t count).

    And there is a lot more Disney does. Their nature documentaries are legendary and influenced the whole genre. They actually did manage to produce a few really good live-action movies, some under the Disney label, but even more under the Touchstone label. They have financed and distributed a number of smaller projects. And then there is the Disney Afternoon. Without Disney pushing into the market with their animated shows, we might still be stuck on a cartoons with limited animation.

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