Zaini Big Hero 6 Trinkets

I love Big Hero 6. I’ve bought many products based on the Big Hero 6 characters. I love chocolate. My wife loves chocolate more. So I bought these:

Big Hero 6 Choco 002     Big Hero 6 Choco 001

Which after removing the wrappers, quickly turned into this:

choco 007

And my wife is systematically working her way through the chocolate. I, on the other hand, am working my way through this post. Not a bad deal because I get the toys/trinkets!

Big Hero 6 Choco 004     Big Hero 6 Choco 005

Hiro erasers

Big Hero 6 Choco 003

Baymax vinyl figure

Big Hero 6 Choco 006

Baymax key chain (?)

These trinkets are very small but still a lot of fun! As always, Zaini has sculpted some pretty nice figures. Here are the rest of the set, as seen on the advertising paper included in each egg:

choco 006

Thankfully, I found these at the local dollar store, so trying to complete the set won’t be too expensive. What would be your favorite?

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2 Responses to Zaini Big Hero 6 Trinkets

  1. Mary at Capturing Magical Memories says:

    oooh… might need to head to my local dollar store…


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