Disney Movie Rewards – ‘Inside Out’ Funko POP!

Go ahead, just try to figure that title out! DMR stands for Disney Movie Rewards, which we’ve been members of from the beginning. We’ve redeemed points for many great rewards, the latest being these wonderful POP! figures featuring the characters from Disney/Pixar’s hit movie Inside Out:

Inside Out POP 011

Anger, Joy, and Sadness

The POP! line of figures hasn’t appealed to me over all, but this series has caught my interest, mainly because of Anger (me) and Sadness (my wife). Yes, we have a quirky and wonderful home life!

But more about that later, eh? Let’s take a closer look at these figures first:

Inside Out POP 001     Inside Out POP 007

Inside Out POP 008

Dressed like someone in management = Anger Management

Of the five main emotions in Inside Out, Anger is the one I liked the most. So no, I’m not always angry! But I just love this red (my favorite colour) hot head who just wants a chance to say that one swear word he knows. Because it’s a good one!

Inside Out POP 006     Inside Out POP 003

Inside Out POP 010

“OK, I’m positive we’ll get lost!”

For years I’ve thought of my wife as my little Eeyore. Short and cute but a bit of a pessimist. So when another little blue character came along, with glasses no less (which my wife also wears) I just couldn’t help but tease her that I’d found a new Disney character to represent her!

OK, I gave up on getting the ‘Best Husband’ award years ago, so it’s all good!

Inside Out POP 004    Inside Out POP 005

Inside Out POP 009

“Let’s turn this day around!”

Ugh. You’ve got that friend that’s always ‘up’, right? Who can live like that? Well, we learned in Inside Out that sometimes, other emotions need to be in control. A good lesson, but it is better if Joy is front and center most often!

If you are a DMR member, you can redeem 500 points to get one of these figures. As of this writing, only the three figures above are available, with the final three of the series coming soon. And they are:

Inside Out POP 002

Disgust, Fear, and Bing Bong

I’m assuming by the numbering that there has been 137 POP! vinyl figures released since this line of merchandise was introduced by Funko. The line includes non-Disney characters as well.

So will you be adding some emotions to your Disney collection?

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  1. Caseylk says:

    This set is so darn cute I think I may have to buy the whole set. My brother collects them and I just recently bought him Darth Vader. I also bought my hubby Marty and Flex Capacater. He was so stoked

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