Fifer Pig Ash Tray

Walt Disney smoked. Disneyland had a cigar store on Main Street the day it opened. Many Disney characters were depicted smoking in animated features produced as children’s entertainment, such as Pinocchio in the 1940’s and Ratigan from The Great Mouse Detective in the 1980’s.

Walt smoking

But things have changed now and smoking ads are banned, smoking is no longer ‘in style’ in the entertainment industry, and even pictures of Walt have been altered to remove the offending item (but not the one above). Even some prints of vintage Disney movies have been altered to make sure that Disney is far removed from cigarettes and their promotion.

But… they can’t remove stuff like this from history:

Fifer Ash Tray 001

Looks innocent enough…

Fifer Ash Tray 002 Fifer Ash Tray 005

But let’s look a little further…

Fifer Ash Tray 003     Fifer Ash Tray 004

And there it is!

Yes, the picture on the right shows the lip where you would rest your cigarette, with the ashes falling into the small space within the ceramic figure. At least it would be hard to smoke a lot of cigarettes with such a small ash tray!

Whether we feel that a character with a cigarette should or should not be in a Disney film, we can’t deny that many characters have almost been defined by the habit, like Cruella De Ville.

Cruel Habit

So cigarettes may have disappeared like a puff of smoke from Disney movies, but they can’t be erased from history as long as collectors keep buying and selling items like the one above!

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