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Fifer Pig Ash Tray

Walt Disney smoked. Disneyland had a cigar store on Main Street the day it opened. Many Disney characters were depicted smoking in animated features produced as children’s entertainment, such as Pinocchio in the 1940’s and Ratigan from The Great Mouse … Continue reading

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G.I. JOE AND BARBIE FIGHT IT OUT I love a good read. But I realize, after recommending many books to friends, that not everyone has the same taste in literature. My taste is so varied that I can’t always be … Continue reading

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Disney Movie Rewards – ‘Inside Out’ Funko POP!

Go ahead, just try to figure that title out! DMR stands for Disney Movie Rewards, which we’ve been members of from the beginning. We’ve redeemed points for many great rewards, the latest being these wonderful POP! figures featuring the characters … Continue reading

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People: Brian Sommer Interviewed

PEOPLE – BRIAN SOMMER BIO: Brian has often said, “It all started at Disneyland.” While visiting that magical park, Brian was introduced to Adventure Thru Inner Space (a long since extinct attraction). The narration soundtrack of that ride was performed … Continue reading

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Zaini Big Hero 6 Trinkets

I love Big Hero 6. I’ve bought many products based on the Big Hero 6 characters. I love chocolate. My wife loves chocolate more. So I bought these:      Which after removing the wrappers, quickly turned into this: And my … Continue reading

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Places: The Brevard Zoo in Melbourne, Florida

Today we are discussing a wonderful zoo that your family needs to visit: It seems funny for me to be a part of this loop because I don’t usually enjoy zoos. Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a rare exception, and the … Continue reading

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Rain Falls at Walt Disney World

Sunny Florida? Clouds are always fun to photograph because no two are ever the same. So likely you will be the only one with that awesome shot! In Walt Disney World in Florida we have experienced that States ability to … Continue reading

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Animal Kingdom Lodge – Patterns in the Flooring

Any Disney attraction or Park yields endless opportunities for the amateur and professional photographer alike. But I don’t just want the obligatory Me-in-front-of-the-castle shot! I want weird. So I frame some of my shots at odd angles and zoom in … Continue reading

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People: Dave Smith Interviewed

PEOPLE – DAVE SMITH BIO: With the establishment of the Walt Disney Archives on June 22, 1970, Dave Smith joined The Walt Disney Company as the director of the Archives. As the company’s Chief Archivist, Dave was charged with collecting … Continue reading

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