Canada’s Wonderland: Fun Stuff

As in any theme park, the designers like to add fun or humorous touches. Canada’s Wonderland is no exception!


Most of the shops in the park were pretty basic, but nicely decorated. This one, called Thrills Are Wonderland, had this cool roller coaster full of screaming thrill-seekers.


This stationary dinosaur was across from the entrance to an exhibit called Dinosaurs Alive. I guess the park staff just wanted everyone to stay alive themselves by staying off this carnivorous creature! Is that like, a dog tag?

IMG_0462     IMG_0463

The dinosaur exhibit mentioned above also had some humorous signage. The one on the left (above) offers guided tours… by a Tyrannosaurus Rex! No thanks, I’ll make my own way around. And the sign on the right (also above) gives some good advice for those who are prone to go off-roading: Just. Don’t. Do. It.


And if you get a little hungry you can always take a moment to sit on the bench with Snoopy and enjoy a chocolate chip cookie. If he’s willing to share. Which he wasn’t when I was there!

I hope you enjoyed this little look into the humorous side of Canada’s Wonderland!

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