Canada’s Wonderland: Dinosaurs Alive

One of the highlights of our trip to Canada’s Wonderland was the amazing dinosaur exhibit called Dinosaur’s Alive.

This traveling exhibit was laid out along a winding path with more dinosaurs than I was expecting! Each came to life as you passed by, activated by motion sensors. The heads, mouths, tails, and arms would move, but the main body stayed in place. Speakers were hidden in boxes shaped like rocks and played background sounds as well as dinosaur moans and roars.


IMG_0479     IMG_0478

The level of execution was equivalent to the Disneyland Dinosaur Diorama that can be viewed from the Disneyland trains just as you leave the Main Street station.

I hope you enjoyed this brief look at Dinosaurs Alive at Canada’s Wonderland. If this show should ever make it to your neck of the woods, or prehistoric plateau, be sure to check it out with the little ones!

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