Disney Cruise Line Wine Selection

Our first (and only) Disney Cruise didn’t turn out the way we had hoped. And we are unlikely to ever shell out the serious cash to take one again. But there were highlights to the adventure!

One was the booze.

For our 25th Anniversary from our friends, Paul and Karen

So I’ve misled you somewhat. Well, a lot what. We aren’t big alcohol drinkers, so when we found this in our stateroom upon arrival, we got excited… but not drunk. In fact, we still have this bottle of wine nine months later!

Martini & Rossi Asti Sparkling Wine (750 ml)

This is what Binny’s Beverage Depot has to say about this wine: “It is light bodied, fragrant and refreshing and is bubbling with a youthful character. It’s perfect on its own, or as the key ingredient to bring its unique sparkle to any cocktail.” Regular price is a reasonable $11.99 US for this Italian wine from the Piedmont region.

We’re waiting for a special occasion to finally open this up, preferably with friends, because we would never finish a whole bottle in one night ourselves!

On the last night of our cruise, which fell on January 13th, our actual anniversary day, we found this in our room:

“Stone Cellars by Beringer is a new line of smooth classically structured varietal wines that reflect the tradition of quality set forth 125 years ago by Jacob Beringer. In the decades since then, Beringer has been at the forefront viniculture and winemaking innovation to ensure consistent high quality across all product lines, and these new wines are no exception.” Or so says their press agent.

And let’s add what the bottle itself has to say about this reasonably priced ($12.99 CAN) wine:

And yes, we still have this bottle as well!

If you read our Trip Report about our ill-fated Disney Cruise, you will probably understand why we never got around to drinking these wines. Of course, if we had, the trip may have been easier to take!

So we have two nice reminders from our 25th Anniversary vacation. And by the time we open them, we will probably be celebrating our 26th!

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