Walt Disney’s Zorro Cape and Mask

Back in the 1950’s everyone wanted to be Davy Crockett. But it wasn’t too long after that when everyone changed their minds and Zorro was the character and hero of choice!

Zorro Title Card


I have a few original pieces of Zorro merchandise and I always enjoy finding more. Today, while on the hunt, I found (but did not buy) this great collectible:

Zorro Cape and Mask

Zorro Cape and Mask

This was produced by the Make Believe Play Suits company which was a division of Norben Togs, Inc. They were based in Montreal, Canada.

The costume is made to fit kids sizes 4 to 10 years. The packaging was a bit worn with some pencil prices scribbled on the front card. The back plastic had been ripped, but I don’t think the product had been removed. This particular cape/mask was style #817 of its product line.

It is an officially licensed Disney product as it bears the WDP trademark in the bottom left corner of the artwork. The seller wanted $39.00 CAN for it but I may return later and offer $30.00 instead. A similar cowboy-based costume was for sale on eBay recently for about this price but it did not sell, so they are likely on the high end of retail with the pricing.

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